To Our Gamer Friends

Hello, gamers!

Thanks for visiting Calliope!

Do you need a light game to play over lunch during the work week? Perhaps a filler game to begin or end game night on?  Maybe even a gateway game designed to lure your non-gamer friends into tabletop gaming?

Of course you do. While we understand, appreciate, and share your love for heavier titles, sometimes you need a lighter, faster experience. That’s what we’ve based our catalog on; the appetizers, palette cleansers, and desserts of the gaming world. (We recommend three servings a day.) Our games are carefully designed for a good balance of luck and strategy. This way, everyone—regardless of age or experience level—can have a wonderful experience while competing on an equal footing.

Whether you buy from us or from your friendly local game store, we hope you’ll enjoy playing our games as much as we enjoy making them.

Game On!

Ray Wehrs
Calliope Games