Experience the disaster-wrought life of a caveman through the eyes of renowned cartoonist John Kovalic!

In Ugh!, you’ll live the Stone Age life by collecting sets of hardworking cavemen, their prehistoric pets, and their primordial homes. Flip over cards from the deck to find the best cards, but watch out! If you press your luck too far, you may be hit by storms, volcanoes, or even the Ice Age—Ugh! Flip, choose, and lock your cards wisely in this hilariously illustrated game that will have you laughing long after the cards have run out!

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ages: 8+

players: 2-6

time: 20 minutes

Early in Calliope’s

quest, as she began to gather stars into her chariot, she sought new sources to rebuild the constellations. She found one such source in an unlikely place: a primitive land of fire and stone filled with people who loved to yell, “Ugh!” After Calliope saved one particularly gruff little man from a terrible flood, he nervously presented her with three magical gems—the essences of volcano, ice, and wind—that would forever fuel her chariot’s lamp and keep it aloft and capable of sustaining her quest for all eternity. Calliope’s experiences in that perilous land will always remind her that the most wonderful gifts can come from the strangest of places!

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