Tsuro Veterans of the Seas

Expansion Tile Set

The forces of nature can be as devastating as the wrath of the daikaiju! With this Tsuro of the Seas expansion, you’ll add even more danger and excitement to your game with the tsunami (tidal wave) and uzushio (whirlpool). However, with these new dangers also come tools to help you in your journey. Taihou (cannons) and the mystic portal can help you to overcome the dangers of the Mystic Seas and be victorious! You need to own the Tsuro of the Seas boxed game in order to use this expansion.

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ages: 8+

players: 2-4

time: 50 minutes

The Komainu,

giant lion-dogs who can assume any shape they please, are well known as ferocious guardians and as sworn enemies of the Daikaiju that terrorize the Mystic Seas. The three fearless Komainu that protect Calliope’s gathered stars are the last of their line, having lost all of their brothers in terrible battles over the ages with the Daikaiju. Just as their friend the Dragon knows the secrets of hidden paths, the Komainu have long sailed the seas with the Emperor’s fleet of Red Seal ships, skillfully guiding sailors safely to port. To Calliope’s advantage, the Komainu provide her with powerful magic and fortified steel to defend her in her quest, for many of the star-lanterns she seeks are found only within the embrace of the Mystic Seas.

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