Got 'Em!

Got ‘Em! is a game of masterful maneuver and clever capture. Place walls and choose your movements carefully to avoid being caught while trying to trap your opponents between four walls—Got ‘Em!

Got 'Em! is two games in one! On the colorful side of the board, you’ll use a deck of cards to place walls and move your pawn—both luck and strategy will determine your fate. For a more strategic challenge, flip the board over and outsmart your opponents with deliberately placed walls. Enjoy two great games that contain more fun than any four walls can hold with Got ‘Em!

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ages: 8+

players: 2-4

time: 20 minutes or less

Let it be known that

I am the teller of this tale: a bird of prey, fast and free and quick of thought. I have the ability to hear and repeat any news spoken or whispered from anywhere around the world. I am a Kite and once was one of Ares’ most precious possessions; you see, he had me imprisoned in a pale white cell! As fate would have it, I first met Calliope during her escape as she made her way through Ares’ fortress so long ago. Seeing me trapped, she courageously freed me from those bland white walls. I have been in her debt ever since we escaped together from Ares’ twisted castle of traps and apparating walls. In fact, we even imprisoned Ares and his guards for a short time within the war god’s own maze . . . indeed, we Got ’Em! Now, I serve as Calliope’s advisor, spy, and tale-teller as she pursues her quest to sprinkle new stars amid the heavens.

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Major Fun Award

Creative Child – Seal of Excellence